Humber Custom Carpentry Ltd. Services

Renovations, Additions / New Construction, Seismic Upgrades


Need more space or different space, but don’t want to move?  Our team will work with you to help design and create the space that you want now. Renovating your existing home to meet your changing needs is not only more eco-friendly than new construction but often more cost effective. Moving is expensive. Research is now showing that remodeling almost always has less environmental impact than new construction — which means it is smart to consider renovating your existing home.


Additions / New Construction

We can help you change your existing footprint whether you want to add space up, out, down or beside - garages, barns, sheds, stairs, gazebos, garden pergolas, decks or that suite in the basement.


Seismic Upgrades

Vancouver Island is a known earthquake zone.  Don’t wait for the big one to find out if your house will withstand the shaking. While you are renovating is a good time to upgrade for seismic protection. We can assess your home for earthquake preparedness and advise on any necessary upgrades.